Hawke Transit System was first developed 30 years ago to meet the harsh and dangerous demands of the North Sea oil industry.

It has since been developed succesfully for use in many diverse industries and Hawke is now a proud supplier across a wide range of markets both offshore and onshore.


Offshore oil and Gas

Oil platforms, FPSO’s, oil tankers, drilling ships and offshore support vessels


Power industries

Wind farms, onshore oil&gas and petrochem, nuclear and other power plants,


Marine / Naval

Cruise, ferries, yachts, merchant ships, naval vessels, submarines



Telecom and datacenters, rail, airports, tunnels, water treatment and sewage works


Other industries

Mining, hospitals, laboratories banks, military installations,



Typical applications:

  • Offshore Platforms

  • Oil & Gas Refineries

  • Floating Production Off-Loading Vessels

  • Nuclear Plants

  • Ship Building

  • Computing / Bank installations

  • Telecommunications

  • Rail Industry

  • National Defense Agencies

  • Tunnel systems

  • TV

  • Water treatment plants

  • Chemical plants

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing

  • Offshore Acommodation modules

  • Aeronautic Industry

  • Power plants

  • Electrical distribution stations


Safe passage